You Might Want Life Insurance

Hello peanut, how are yah? How was your day? Oh that’s right, I forgot. Nobody gives a ! … You could at least pretend! *cries*

Whoa! 3 whole followers? Really? You actually read this shit? Good on you! *thumbs up* Well if you do, it’s because your freaking beyond awesome and totally deserve a cookie! And a follow back 🙂 But seriously, I’m flattered. I was expecting to sign-in and see BALLS. Your perfect. Rawr

Anywhore! Responses you shouldn’t get when you ask someone how their day at work is going –

“Horrible! I’m exhausted, my neck is killing me, my feet are swollen and can barely fit in a clown shoe, my supervisor is a super cunt, and I wish this fucking building from hell would EXPLODE”

Chances are with a response like that, you hate your job and you probably wish you were dead

Solution? Just kill the bitch and set the place on fire. But they provide you with income so that you can blow it on shit you probably don’t need to survive. *Sigh* Fuck it! Cow tits!

You guys! I need readable entertainment! I’m too lazy to search for your blogs, so send them to me! Post them! Do something! I’m a really good reader, I could read for hours! That and I have no life… Gosh I’m pathetic.

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