If I Were A Zombie


Photo Credit: My Uncle and his Iphone

I’d be smoking hot! Like come on! Look at that face! Yes folks, that picture of pure sexiness, is me 🙂 As you can see it was taken with an app from the TV series “The Walking Dead”

I have NEVER watched that show, nor do I ever want too. But I must admit, an app that can zombify your face is pretty awesome!

Thoughts? I know I would tap that. Look at those LARGE bulging baby blue eyes. Rawr!

Thanks Dead Yourself app! You made me look officially 100x hotter!

3 thoughts on “If I Were A Zombie

  1. 1. Go a little lighter on the Mary Kay cosmetics.

    2. Go a little heavier on the Mary Kay cosmetics. Come to think of it, go a lot heavier.

    3. That’ll teach you not to use Preparation H as a night cream.

    4. Possessed by the Moose Demon Spirit.

    5. Nothing that Midol can’t cure.

    6. Personality matters.

    7. How handsome men perceive feminists.


    9. There’s a reason for arranged marriages. (Surprise!)

    10. Men really notice good dental hygiene.

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