11 thoughts on “In My Dream

  1. I’ve never had this particular dream, but I had an opposite dream, years ago, in which I was in love with a girl I didn’t know of recognize from real life, a beautiful long-haired blonde who was some strange combination of semi-famous actresses from shows I don’t watch: Emily Procter and Poppy Montgomery. I never gave them a second thought in real life, but in this dream I was in love with this imaginary girl, a really deep friend-love. There was no sex, we were just hanging around, walking and talking, holding hands, laughing–like a cheesy blurred-around-the-edges Hallmark moment. When I woke, and as the day after the dream passed on, I found myself feeling that I missed this imaginary girl. I was sad, and to this day I feel like I experienced a friendship with a person I’ll never get to see again, and I feel a pang of sadness. It’s absurd, of course, but even so I can’t just shake it off. I laugh at myself, but still feel the feeling. The only excuse that occurs to me was that the dreamt affection was intense enough to illicit whatever chemical responses we associate with love, bonding, and loss–while I was asleep!–leading to the imprint of those emotions. I’ve told this story to a few people, but usually get looks that imply I’m just a weirdo (not that different from day to day reactions, really). Maybe waking angry is the same sort of thing–you surge to consciousness brimming with hormonal and chemical stimuli, as if the dreamt slight was real?

    • First off, I do not think that you are weird at all! That’s crazy! In a good way! I’ve never heard anything like that before. I’m a believer in science so anything is possible! Thank you for this awesome story :)! My dreams tend to be extremely real for the most part. I’ve actually noticed that my dreams sometimes, are based on reality or actual events that end up occurring a week or a month later. Scary huh?

    • First off let me begin by telling you that love has absolutely nothing to do with chemical responses and the like. Let me also tell you that neither luck nor coincidence had anything to do with me finding your comment. What I now need is for you to believe what I’m about to tell you. It is very possible for you to see the girl in your dream almost everytime you sleep with the art (not considered an art) of lucid dreaming. I can tell you first hand that it is very possible and that it feels very real. I won’t explain on here how to achieve lucidness since you can find all of that info on the internet from dedicated sites. Things have come a loooong way from when I was a kid having lucid dreams 10 years ago. The beautiful thing about lucid dreaming is that you will be in control of your actions while in your dream. Now I really really REALLY hope that you don’t use this to have a fake relationship with an imaginary person lol, or if you do I hope that you don’t use it as a substitute for real life. Another cool thing is that while lucid you can go with the flow, in fact I’ve never been able to control another person in my dreams so they very much behave like real people and react to what you do. In essence you can carry out real conversations with people (or the girl from your dream) and they will give you real responses. Also before I leave I would like to point out that I DO have some disorders such as sleep walking and ISP(isolated sleep paralysis) which no human tongue can begin to explain how absolutely terrifying it is. As for jenna idk wth is wrong with her.

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