Dominican 2013


Back to reality! Boo! 😦 Yes folks, I am back from my vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Can’t complain about my trip at all except for those seriously annoying beach vendors that in comparison, are like fucking seagulls. Weather was great, food was good, drinks were yummy, the ocean was sexy. Instead of boring you with words, I come barring photos instead! πŸ˜€



Flight in


Wind Surfing


Our resort- Viva Wyndham Tangerine In Puerto Plata
Corner Right – Ginger German, Rare


A random cave πŸ™‚


Cave Photo of Matt and I


Amazing Artist who turned glass into ANYTHING you wanted.


Two Mexicans?


Relaxing in the shade


Say hello to my little friend! This bugger attached himself to my sandal and would not let go!


Palm Tree loving


Attacked by love birds


Matt and his friends


Matt and I with insane love-birds


I look majestic with love-birds πŸ˜‰


Feeding Toucan Sam


Crazy pair of Dolphins


Matt and I with Serena


Kisses from Serena


Having fun on the beach!


African Dance show – Night entertainment


Dinner by the pool on our last night. 😦

7 thoughts on “Dominican 2013

  1. Hi Jenna,

    I am planning to stay at the same resort (Wyndham Tangerine) with my two small children without my husband in three weeks. After reading reports on TripAdvisor I am concerned that this place is old and not clean. Also the beach is too windy (which defeats the purpose of traveling there) and there are many people with kites on the beach. So I am even considering cancelling the trip.

    I would appreciate if you could share your experience (you are the only person who I managed to google). If it is not that bad, is there still anything I should be prepared for? Any good places to go with small kids?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Barb

      I would be delighted to explain my experience to you.
      First off, the place is actually in pretty good shape, the rooms aren’t to shabby but me and my boyfriend got the superior room. The beach was actually not that windy at all, there’s a nice breeze and you will defiantly appreciate it mid day around 12 when humidity starts to kick in. The water was always a great temperature, I would even go to say more on the warm side. The only thing I can seriously complain about the beach is the vendors that will harass you ALL the time. Even if you are sleeping they approach you and wake you up. The worst part is, in a day, you could have said no to the same vendor a total of 7 times and they will still come and harass you. They all sell the same stuff by the way. There are alot of excursions that are perfect for the kids. Ocean world is the most expensive one but it is well worth it, great experience and memory you will never forget. They have alot of entertainment on the resort as well. The entertain was actually the entire highlight of the trip. Food is pretty good too, but be careful. I came back with a horrible case of travellers diarrhea. The service to some up in one word is MEH. We were there for a week and our table at the Buffett was visited a total of 3 times. Other then that we had to always get our own beverages. I highly recommend the Mexican restaurant on the resort. You can book it once a week but they always let you book it twice if you’d like. I hope this answers your questions! Please let me know if this helps you at all or if you have further questions!

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