Practice Preview Part 1

Okay folks! Don’t JUDGE ME! When I say I’m a beginner, I’m a fucking beginner. I literally got it on Christmas Day. I’m finally starting to get my fingers in the right positions… sort of…Transitioning is still difficult for me… SHUT UP OKAY! I’ll get it! And when I do, prepare to be mind-blown! BOOM! 🙂 Jennie Hendrix 😉

Ps. I can’t edit videos to save my life. It would not let me download it directly to WordPress, so I had to upload this crap video on YouTube. So don’t start. And it’s laggy as SHIT. Why the hell doesn’t my hand movement match the freaking strumming?! *Sigh* Oh well…Deal with it?

Back to Practicing! Wish me LUCK!

8 thoughts on “Practice Preview Part 1

  1. Keep at it. I myself bought a guitar but only practiced at first so I never got good at it. One thing I did do and still do is learn how to write code for videogames. It’s probably something you never stop learning, however, I have gotten somewhat good at it. I still have a long way to go but I could look at someones code and figure it out what it is they’re trying to achieve with it most of the time. I’m honestly pretty proud of how far I’ve come. I guess they were telling the truth and practice really does make perfect. Maybe I’ll try that whole look both ways before you cross the street thing too. Anyway hopefully you stick with this and learn to play really good.

  2. I got a guitar for christmas a few years ago, tried to play (paid for a few lessons) but i ultimately failed and never touched the thing again after a month. Hope this boosts morale. =/ I do want to pick an instrument up though 😛 might give it a go again someday

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