A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words



First off, yes this is a picture of me. Photo Credit goes to my best friend Melissa C!

This photo was taken in 2010 for my friends practice and portfolio. A basic photo-shoot, that’s all.

Yesterday, I had changed my Facebook profile picture to this shot. Why? I simply liked it. It expresses the way I feel lately. Dark, down, hopeless, scared. When I look at this photo, I see art. I see a photo that was taken professionally for my friends experience.

What do you see? I want honesty because I am angry, completely livid. My boyfriend today decided to FREAK out at me today,while I was at work for using this as my profile photo. “This photo is way too provocative, sends the wrong message, is this what you do on Facebook?!” and a bunch of other shit he said that I purposely did not commit to memory. I don’t see my boobs hanging out! My ass isn’t showing! I’m not eating a banana looking seductively into the camera. What the hell is the matter with this photo!?

Anyway’s, he really upset me and I decided to take it down to make him shut up.

If someone is seeing something that I am NOT seeing, please feel free to give it to me straight.

– One pissed off Jenna


33 thoughts on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

  1. Alright, first off nice photo. I think it’s quite artistic. But I can see your boyfriends point. I guess it’s just something that isn’t often seen on Facebook. My first thought was you look like an actress in a burlesque film.

    So my final verdict…I don’t think it’s a bad picture but I can see why your boyfriend might have a problem with you putting it on Facebook…even though I’m unable to find words to explain why.

    Hope this helped, I doubt it did though.

  2. We men are very possessive and we can’t change. It would bother me too. The only reason it wouldn’t bother him is if he didn’t care about you. Of course some guys go overboard with the jealousy but for now instead of getting mad at him, be happy that he cares.Truth be told it’s not ultra provocative or anything. Now a feminist would tell you that you are an independent woman and that he should suck it up. Maybe try to find a happy medium?

    • I’m only mad at him because of the approach he took. Freaking out at me is not necessary at all. Like you said, the picture is not that bad. I understand if he’s just being jealous but come on. Making me feel like I put up a skanky photo isn’t the way to go about it

      • Yea we overreact when it comes to certain things. This is one of those things. You can’t understand it because you’re not a guy. It’s the same reason you wouldn’t understand why we don’t want to neuter our pets but don’t mind spaying. There’s a lot of things girls do that make no sense to us too. We are the same species but we are not the same. I guess what I’m trying to say is all the girls would agree with you and all the guys would agree with him, it’s one of those things.

      • No problem just to clarify, I’m not taking sides. You don’t understand why it makes him mad and he doesn’t understand why you don’t understand why it makes him mad. And here I am understanding him but at the same time understanding you.

  3. When I was a young lad, this would have been borderline R-rated! This coming from a guy that the barber does his ears, too.

    The basis of all anger is fear. You’ve obviously triggered something in le bf. You should maybe reserve looking that alluring for him. Consider his reaction a compliment, even.

    Good thing there a world-wide Viagra shortage at the moment.

    • See, they aren’t in the air, they are against the wall but that’s not the point. That’s not the focal point of the picture, I don’t even look at that when I look at the picture. I can’t help what men see. So in all honestly, I really do not know why. Thank you though for taking the time to comment 🙂

  4. I think it looks artistic, but then I’m an artist. It also looks seductive. I accept that men and women think differently but if he were my boyfriend he would have to think differently elsewhere. I’ve been there and I found it unacceptable to be told how to express myself. But that’s just me.

    • I agree with you, I’m probably alot more passive though in certain situation, mainly because I’d rather avoid conflict. As an artist, which you are, you are entitled to express yourself as you please. I on the other hand, am not so my argument apparently is invalid according to some.

      • Well I’ll be your big Sis on this one. Your argument is never invalid, artist or no. But I also understand that sometimes we go for the option that gives us a peaceful life, just try not to acquiesce too often!

    • It’s not about being told what to do, it’s about being committed to someone and not doing things that will upset them, and it works both ways. As long as it’s a reasonable request, such as taking down a picture, then why not make them happy.

      • I did take it down, it made him happy. I also then told him I put it up on my blog as an example for a post, and he didn’t care. When I asked “why is it okay for complete strangers to see it but not my Facebook friends?” He responds with- ” I don’t want your guy friends or my guy friends seeing you like that.” ….. MEN!

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