Noticeable Trend

I have my G exam tomorrow. Do you know how scary it is to take any of your driving tests in Toronto? It is soooo scary that everyone I know, does it out of the city, mainly up north. Not me. I did my G2 here, and now it’s time for my G. Only thing is…. I CAN’T PARALLEL PARK OR REVERSE PARK TO SAVE MY LIFE! Why?!? Because I never used these things! I don’t drive downtown and I always make sure I have a pull through parking spot! If I don’t at first, I drive around in circles till my ass finds one! Basically, I doomed tomorrow. *sigh* I don’t suppose staying up all night will help me pass right?


4 thoughts on “Noticeable Trend

  1. The first parallel park I ever did when I was learning to drive I got perfect. It’s not that hard, just do it slowly. Even play a parking game on the internet to practice haha. Anyways, good luck!

  2. Did you pass? I taught an elderly neighbor to parallel park–in her $80,000 Mercedes!! yikes!!–when she had to do a mandatory re-test following some medical issues. She had avoided parallel parking for over 50 years, but mastered it in 90 minutes. I bet you did fine, but if not, here’s what to do….

    Pull up even–side by side– to the car in front of the open space, shift into reverse, and veeeerrrrryyyy slowly edge the car backward until the mid-point of your car is even with the back of that car in front. Looking over your shoulder, turn the wheel hard to the right and continue edging backwards–worry about nothing but that corner of the other car closest to your car. The moment your front bumper will clear the rear bumper of the other car (you can brake here if it helps) turn the wheel ALL THE WAY to the left and continue edging back–looking at the car behind you in your left and center mirrors. As your car gets closer to being parallel to the curb, slowly turn the steering wheel back to center. Adjust as necessary once you’re in the spot. Differences in the relative size of your car to the car in front of you require subtle adjustments as you perfect your skills.

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