15 thoughts on “Oh, You Know..STUFF

  1. First time I took my driving test I failed. I was doing good until I saw a girl walking down the street. That led me to stop at a greenlight and cause all sorts of confusion. The DMV lady panicked, asked me to return to the DMV immediately, and wrote down hazardous applicant. True story.

    • Btw I didn’t stop just to look at the girl. I checked her out and took my eyes off the road but I knew the light was coming up. For whatever reason I stopped at the light. It was second nature guess I was just used to stopping there.

      • LOL! Hazardous! This is amazing, she was probably a feminist or something and didn’t like the fact you were gawking at a woman and all her beauty. Btw, where the hell have you been?!? I’ve missed your commenting and relatable stories!

      • Been busy coding. I was like a mad scientist stuck in my work. Then I got a drawing tablet so was busy drawing. Not very good at it but I’m gonna have to learn

      • Been great. I’m a cup is half full kind of guy. Need to find a job, saving are running out, somethings wrong with my knee, but I’m still smiling. In the end everything works itself out somehow. I also learned that my drawing technique is horrible. Apparently I’ve been holding the pencil incorrectly all these years plus my hand shakes. Maybe I should become a surgeon.

      • Lol! Definitely not! A surgeon. I highly doubt your drawing ability is horrible. What’s wrong with your knee? I’m a massage therapist, so if you tell me, I’m pretty sure I can give you advice as I what to do. Saving up money only lasts so long till you run out.

      • My knee is fine for the most part. It hurts when I run which is my favorite thing to do in this world. I can walk, run at full speed, and run a few miles just fine. It hurts after like 4 miles and it’s the top and like the inner part of my kneecap. So say if it’s my right leg, it’ll be the top and the left side of it. I went to get it checked out a few years ago and they told me I had a tight it band. That fixed it a lot but not completely

      • Left side? Like outside of the right leg? It band? Did they say if it was friction syndrome or it band contracture? When you run? Maybe your causing lateral meniscus wear and tearing from impact? I know when I started running on the treadmill it would cause me alot of knee pain. You shouldn’t be running flat, always on a incline. Less impact on the knee joint. You might also want to do more biking then running. What did they do for your IT band?

      • Well they sent me to a physical therapist. He gave me some stretches to do and it did help a little. My it band was definitely tight because it did help. The thing is at that point the it was the it band side of my knee that would hurt. Now it’s the other side. Also one time I like turned kinda fast and I was standing on my right leg. When I turned it hurt like hell and every step I took was really unbearable and I really mean unbearable. It was really bad, I couldn’t walk.

      • But about 2 years ago I was at work and I was really mad, I was pretty frustrated that I couldn’t just run for however long I wanted like before. I never really get that frustrated and I was complaining to God that why someone like me who wants to exercise can’t, and why people that never bother to do any exercise can run just fine. Promise I’m not making this up, at that moment a kid in a wheelchair passed right in front of me. He looked normal from the waste up but he had little tiny legs that I guess looked normal at birth but never properly developed. Felt pretty stupid for complaining lol. I guess simply walking is a privilege and not a right.

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