It has officially been one year since I’ve joined the WordPress community! Thank you to all my followers for making me feel heard! XOX Let the randomness continue!


Love, Jenna!

11 thoughts on “ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY

  1. I’ve been blogging here for 5 months and enjoying posting my L Word inspired story collections. You mention your potty mouth! Whew! These characters have great skills at cursing as you may recall if you watched the show at the time and its now streaming on NetFlix. That re-broadcast timing has sent me thousands of fans! It’s been wonderful.

    I hope you’ll stop by and see what our 11,000 and growing “Reads” since February are excited about.

    And wishing you great luck in your work and life. I’ll follow your blog!

    Sexy Collection of L Word Inspired Photo illustrated stories

    They belong together. They always have.
    You will enjoy my The L Word inspired story collection, One collection follows the show in photo illustrated stories behind the scenes of the show’s narrative and has amusing and sexy stories of the characters in their OFF screen moments. This FIRST series is titled, WEHO; Behind the Scenes,

    SECOND series is a wonderful off the chain espionage series, WET WORK, that imagines Bette as Agent Porter and Tina as sexy, secretive Agent T. Photo illustrated with images of them and their exciting missions around the world.

    Last but not least I’ve begun writing SEASON 7! We’ve waited long enough for them to get back together and begin a more connected and far less neurotic romance. You’ll really ENJOY my Season 7, TOUCH TONES. As of Sept 2014 this series that I began in August has three Chapters, After Midnight – Bette proposes to Tina at the end of my WeHo series in a beautiful, romantic story titled, Malibu:

    TOUCH TONES begins with

    1. After Midnight:

    2. The Handler

    3. The Ringer

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