Who Am I



My name is Jennifer and I am a 31 year old from Toronto, Ontario.

I’m extremely random and easily amused. Guilty πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

My favourite topics are usually about music, art, traveling, health, life, and video games. Also, I love to rant about nonsense πŸ™‚

Grammar Nazis beware πŸ‘€, I edit nothing..NOTHING. So, If you are someone who is easily bothered by poor/non-existing grammar..I suggest you go somewhere where people know how to properly use a comma..or any other punctuation marks for that matter. Consider yourself forewarned.

So, lets cut to the chase shall we? I bet your asking, “What is this chicks deal?” Well this is a place for me to let loose, be myself, and most importantly, share my thoughts and views with the world!


Jenna ❀

49 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. Hi! This is gonna sound weird, but nice at the same time, hopefully. I remember you mentioning in a previous blog post that today is your birthday (I hope). So, Happy Birthday! Have a good one and maybe build an snow fort or something with all that snow outside!

    • Yay! Yes it is my birthday today!! Thank you so much! I’m honestly surprised you remembered that! But that was so sweet of you! Snow fort? More like snow mansion!! So Much Snow!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. I like the cut of your jib. Coming from another 24 year old who just read your Perfect Girl post, after following a post you made on that Pokemon Plus/Minus rumor. Why dont people like you exist anywhere around me??? 😦

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  5. Hey, I wanted to tell you this before it happens…my latest post about the Toronto Maple Leafs is getting Freshly Pressed! I found out at about 3:30 this morning!

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  7. Hi, a couple things:
    1. You need to start blogging again. For my sake, not yours.
    2. You are lagging behind in reading my posts. 2 to be exact. Unless you read them and just genuinely don’t like them. If that’s the case, disregard this entire message.

  8. Hi Jenna. Thanks for stopping by, and liking, my blog. I hope it helps you navigate the “shoaly” waters of relationships and avoid drama. Your post is great as well. I’m looking forward to reading more. Always be honest with yourself.

  9. Jenna, thanks for ‘liking’ my blog. I’m a photographer / multimedia guy by trade. I shoot and produce for The Walt Disney Company. But what I TRULY enjoy are pics similar to the Lake Louisa shots I posted and you ‘liked.’ Oddly enough, my whole family was from Canada (Nova Scotia). They migrated to New England before I was born. Somehow or other I ended up here in Florida. Anyway – enough of me rambling. Like your blog and your “About Me” section. I like people who are direct, honest and to the point. Rock on dudette and don’t change that forward attitude no matter what!!! :). Thx again – see ya’ around.

    Mike Thomas (Imagery)

  10. Hey Jenna, I don’t know if WordPress is deliberately attempting to help me create a sense of community with my blog since I’m just starting off, but Hell I’ll take it:-)

    I know your ‘about profile’ can be a bit provocative to many, but I like its directness. The advantage is that you can quickly screen out folks who are turned off by it. From reading between the lines, I could tell you are a caring and expressive person. You have a strong need to be independent and free.

    My temperament is in line with that. I will definitely read and follow your blog to learn more and appreciate your qualities.

    If you ever are in Montreal, Quebec, 5 hours from Toronto, please feel comfortable to give me a holler, I’ll treat you to a cafΓ© lattΓ© at a Starbucks, and you could tell me what inspires you:-)

  11. Jenna, Thanks for taking the time to visit, read and like my blog “My Physical Trainer”. Appreciated!
    By the way, living with parents is smart. There is no point accumulating debt till you are launched. Cheers!

  12. Beautiful Jennifer, I love your honesty and I love people that are basically “real”. Part of life is allowing ourselves to express how we feel, etc. God doesn’t judge but simply directs you to the positive paths for defining your best self. All you need is to ask HIM when you’re ready; if you haven’t done so already. :O) xo

    Heck, I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else. “It’s the imperfections within us that create our perfection.” (my personal quote) However, what I do know is that our life’s experiences (bad and good) are what define who we become. With that said, abundant blessings to the path of success in every area of your life. (john 10:10) Much Love, Emma

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