Songs That Make Me Happy In The Pants – Part 1

I have to be honest with you here. I am not the BIGGEST fan of Eminem. Sure he is the greatest white rapper of all time, (My opinion only, no need to cut my dick off) but I’ve never really been into Rap music anyway. But! But but but but BUTT!! There is a BIG exception when it comes to his latest song “Berserk.” Mainly because I am such a 80’s and 90’s music whore, you can clearly here the song “The Stroke” from Billy Squier! Sex Monkey!

Do you have those songs that, no matter what mood you are in, they can turn you absolutely fucking crazy! In a positive way of course! Like, just flat out nuts! Head banging, fist pumping, screaming the lyrics out like you don’t give a FUCK! There’s a baby right beside you. Fuck the baby! You scream and shout profanity at the top of your lungs anyways! THAT! Ladies and gents, is what this song DOES to me!

This is not a song you abuse and put on repeat to use the shit out of it like a street walker! You cherish that shit! That’s what you do!

This song makes me so CRAZY that when I come into my room, I kick the computer chair! I fucking kick that shit OUT of the way so I have room to go APE shit! I start playing air guitar and whipping my hair around!


I blast the music until my parents freak the fuck out at me! I tell them to SHUT UP! Then they threaten to disconnect my whole room from the fuse box. Bitches. But I freaking LOVE this song! It gets the juices flowing! Great song to smash stuff to by the way!