Cherry Popped!

Taking the virginity of anything is awesome! Whoa! First post on wordpress, feels pretty awesome. Speaking of which, do you ever have those days where you wish you could get a “punch a douche in the face” free all day admission pass? I know I do. There are just SOME people out there, walking around, minding their own shit, just like you! (Face it, we’re all douches) But you get this urge, this burning desire to knock them the fuck out for absolutely no reason whatsoever ! Just because you don’t like that stupid shirt they are wearing with “I ❤ Boys” printed across their giant tits.
Giant tits (   .   ) (   .   )
That’s great! I’m glad you love boys, but shouldn’t you be “loving men” ?? I mean, your only 47. Boys should kinda be a thing in the past.
I’m sorry, that’s none of my business. I’m just in a crabby self-hating mood. I wish I had big tits. What was the point of this again? Ah, that’s right, me being a B  *gasp* -edtime

Sweet dreams to the people who don’t give a defecation.