Midnight Boredom 2


Yay! Whats this? Midnight boredom selfie part 2!! Fuck yah!

This is A picture from October last year when I went to Cuba! Missing that hot weather!

What’s the word big bird? There’s talk of possible vacation creeping up this October?! This makes me super duper happy! In the pants, WHAT!

2 AM already? Damn! Work in 6 hours! Rape me horizontally!


Midnight Boredom

Oh hello there! I swear I live my life bored 89% of the time. I should probably watch one of the 25 DVD’s I cursed myself with. Hmmm
Nah! It’s midnight and I’m in the mood for posting a random selfie! For absolutely NO reason! YAY!! … God I’m hopeless! Hemo-anus!