Currently Doing…


Yes, it’s that time again. That lonely and boring time again… *cries* My boyfriend decided to ditch me for like 10 days to go Moose hunting with his dad in Upsala Ontario. Do you know where that is? Butt-Fuck No WHERE! That’s where!  Like North West of Thunder Bay! 18 hour drive to NO WHERE! We could of drove to PEI in that amount of time. POINTLESS!


Do you see what I see? Absolutely NOTHING!

You can’t be serious…

Just to kill poor innocent Moose. Look at that face! I can’t even with that face!


Soulless bastards!  =(

Anyway’s where was I.. Oh, I am bored as fuck. Currently playing Super Mario Bros. 2 on my Nintendo 3DS. I feel like a retard because for some fucked up reason, I can’t get by level 5-1 ! I just CAN’T! *Cries* Stupid Stupid STUPID!


Not to mention Donkey Kong is making me rather uncomfortable. Sitting there all stupid, watching me fail repeatedly….


Fucking Monkey dick.

Oh and this is my dog Noche…. Thought you should meet him.


Flattering. Yorki Samurai. *Said in a thick Japanese accent*

This ones better. He looks like Johnny Depp. Pretty sure he can’t see. Mind the mess.


K Bye!

What Are You Currently…


It’s almost 1:00 AM and I’m bored as usual! So, I decided to dedicate a blog post to “What are you currently doing?”

It’s a Thursday night and I have the day off tomorrow! Woohoo! SO I decided to catch up on my video gaming. Currently playing Uncharted 3- Drake’s Deception and listening to a saved “State of Trance” Podcast from Armin van Buuren.


Drinking nothing but water and rocking these sick-ass 12 year old cloud pyjama pants and a green long sleeved shirt. Also sporting that stupid duck-face that all the girls do now a days! 🙂


Pretty much sums up what I got going on tonight. *cries* I’m a lonely duckie!


Things I’m Good At – Part 1

For those of you who care to know more about me, you rock. For those of you who don’t, can’t say that I blame you. I happen to be extremely bored today on my day off work and, instead of doing something productive with my time, I decided to do this instead. Bite me!

Now, I’m awesome so obviously, there’s a lot of shit that I’m good at! But, because I’m a lazy tool, I can only list a few 🙂

So here it is! The shit I’m “good” at –


I’m good at cooking. A woman who cooks? Unheard of! No seriously, I’m really good at cooking with Cooking Mama, and in real life too of course. I’m Italian so I have no choice. My father warned me at the age of 10 that “If you don’t know how to cook, no man will ever love or marry you.” Striking the fear into his daughter at an early age really worked though, seeing as I can whip up just about anything that doesn’t send you to the hospital. Do you love me now? *Wink Wink* Thanks dad!


I’m good at pissing people off. Actually, let me rephrase that. I’m EXTREMELY good at pissing people off. The amount of times that I am told to shut up or fuck off a day is way too many times for me to keep track of. It’s because I’m so awesome that people can’t handle me. At least that’s what I like to tell myself. *cries* To be honest though, I’m the type of person who speaks my mind, but sometimes my mind has the case of the runs. It usually results in a lot of thiswtf_2.. So…yah…SHUT UP!


I’m good at painting nails. Whether it be mine or someone else’s. I’m awesome. Did I mention FREE? Free is always good. *ahem*


I’m exceptionally good at dancing. Mainly hip-hop, although from the ages of 6-17 I specialized in Latin Ballroom.

That’s it. That’s all I’m good at! HA! Kidding!…*sigh* I’m hopeless.