Random Song Cover

I know! I know! I fell off the face of the earth right?! I’m still alive! YAY?

Anywho! I’m still working on my singing! It’s NOT coming along as fast as I wanted it too. Who knew it would be so hard to turn a bulldog into a canary? So as a random post, I was taught a fairly simple song from Hootie and the Blowfish- Let her Cry. I really like this song so I made a short video of me butchering it. SORRY! But hey, gotta start somewhere!

Post soon to come! For now, strumming along.


Practice Preview Prt 3

So, I have been practicing off and on since my forearms and back have been killing me! SAD FACE! 😦

It’s rusty, but none the less coming along. I’m starting to strum more like a human being, less like animal?

I’m sorry for the “shit” I throw in there, I sometimes get frustrated :P. I decided to post the video without editing out the screw-ups.

DON’T JUDGE ME! Okay… you can judge me.

I’m still learning to sing, that will probably take alot longer then learning to play the guitar *sigh* I sound like a bloodhound at the moment.

WELL! Enjoy?

PS. Sorry for the shitty quality. YouTube hates me.

Song Of My Night

Oblivion- M83 feat Susanne Sundfør

Since I was young, I knew I’d find you
But our love was a song sung by a dying swan
And in the night, you hear me calling,
You hear me calling
And in your dreams you see me falling, falling

Breathe in the light
I’ll stay here in the shadow
Waiting for a sign, as the tide grows
Higher, and higher, and higher

And when the nights are long
All those stars recall your goodbye, your goodbye

And in the night you’ll hear me calling,
You’ll hear me calling
And in your dreams you’ll see us falling, falling
And in now you’ll hear me calling,
You’ll hear me calling
And in your dreams you’ll see us falling, falling

Breathe in the light and say goodbye
Breathe in the light and say goodbye.

Practice Preview Prt2

YAY! It’s somewhat coming along :/…. Somewhat… I still can’t add vocals yet cause a) I’m still sick, b) I want to get the instrument down first. One step at a time.

But it is SLOWLY becoming… something!

Did anyone else leave their house this morning and end up on their ass? I went figure-skating on my ass down the driveway to get to my car. Thanks mother nature.


Practice Preview Part 1

Okay folks! Don’t JUDGE ME! When I say I’m a beginner, I’m a fucking beginner. I literally got it on Christmas Day. I’m finally starting to get my fingers in the right positions… sort of…Transitioning is still difficult for me… SHUT UP OKAY! I’ll get it! And when I do, prepare to be mind-blown! BOOM! 🙂 Jennie Hendrix 😉

Ps. I can’t edit videos to save my life. It would not let me download it directly to WordPress, so I had to upload this crap video on YouTube. So don’t start. And it’s laggy as SHIT. Why the hell doesn’t my hand movement match the freaking strumming?! *Sigh* Oh well…Deal with it?

Back to Practicing! Wish me LUCK!

Songs That Make Me Happy In The Pants – Part 1

I have to be honest with you here. I am not the BIGGEST fan of Eminem. Sure he is the greatest white rapper of all time, (My opinion only, no need to cut my dick off) but I’ve never really been into Rap music anyway. But! But but but but BUTT!! There is a BIG exception when it comes to his latest song “Berserk.” Mainly because I am such a 80’s and 90’s music whore, you can clearly here the song “The Stroke” from Billy Squier! Sex Monkey!

Do you have those songs that, no matter what mood you are in, they can turn you absolutely fucking crazy! In a positive way of course! Like, just flat out nuts! Head banging, fist pumping, screaming the lyrics out like you don’t give a FUCK! There’s a baby right beside you. Fuck the baby! You scream and shout profanity at the top of your lungs anyways! THAT! Ladies and gents, is what this song DOES to me!

This is not a song you abuse and put on repeat to use the shit out of it like a street walker! You cherish that shit! That’s what you do!

This song makes me so CRAZY that when I come into my room, I kick the computer chair! I fucking kick that shit OUT of the way so I have room to go APE shit! I start playing air guitar and whipping my hair around!


I blast the music until my parents freak the fuck out at me! I tell them to SHUT UP! Then they threaten to disconnect my whole room from the fuse box. Bitches. But I freaking LOVE this song! It gets the juices flowing! Great song to smash stuff to by the way!